Why is it important to sleep well?

Why is it important to sleep well?

While many of us sleep only 5-7 hours, doctors highly recommend sleeping at least 8 hours. The problem is that our body perceives a lack of sleep as stress. This way stress hormones start accumulating in your blood and your body starts regulating sugar level in the blood. You feel a need of eating something sweet and that increases a risk of diabetes and obesity.

Sleep restores and repairs your cells. When we sleep our body restores and repairs damaged cells more effectively. This allows to strengthen our immune system and it combats diseases more effectively.

Sleep improves memory. This way sleep improves your future, intellectual abilities and creativity. Another task that our body performs better when we sleep – cerebral cortex neurons restoration. This improves your memory and concentration.

Sleep protects against diseases. Good sleep not only helps you to maintain good body weight but it also protects against various diseases. Insomnia often occurs because of sleep problems such as snoring or incorrect breathing. Later on this can lead to more serious problems, such as high blood pressure or heart disorders.

Sleep increases energy level. The most obvious benefit of sleep – the increase of energy, activity and productivity. If we sleep well, we have the best results at school or work.

Sleep helps to cope with depression. If you sleep enough, you have a much better mood. Insomnia increases the risk of depression. However, too much sleep is also dangerous. For example, those who sleep more than 12 hours per day are often affected by depression too.



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