Why is it so important to strengthen your immunity?

Why is it so important to strengthen your immunity?

Even Hippocrates once said, “Let the food be your medicine.” In this regard, nothing has changed since ancient times. Today nutritionists also recommend a balanced diet, which is the best medicine at the same time. Proper nutrition is the first step in strengthening your immune system, which is very important, especially in winter.

There is no magic pill for immunity. Immunity enhancement is a process that consists of many elements. The body, in particular, must be strengthened with proper nutrition, using a lot of fresh and natural products.

In winter, when not all fruits and vegetables are so tasty available, do not be afraid to try a different, form of them. Fresh juice and smoothies are a great alternative to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Just as important part in strengthening your immune system, is sufficient amount of sleep. Sleep is very important because during sleep our body undergoes many processes, including cell and tissue regeneration. Lack of sleep affects our endocrine system, because body produces more stress hormone cortisol . Sleep disorder weakens our immune system.

Immunity enhancement is a long and continuous process, that consists of many components. We have to take care of your own body.  A balanced diet consists of full-grain, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Also make sure you exercise and have a good sleep. Then you will be on the right path.


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