Why should we choose organic foods?

Why should we choose organic foods?

1. Organic products are not sprayed with tons of chemicals. Usually oranges or apples are sprayed with 20-30 different kinds of chemicals and a big part of them remains in fruits even when we wash them.

2. Organic products contain 50 percent more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients which positively affect our health.

3. In order to make animals grow faster, they are fed with antibiotics, growth promoting hormones and antiparasitic drugs. These medications are later passed to our bodies through meat and milk. Scientists associate it with coronary arthery diseases and high blood pressure.

4. Organic food tastes much better. Organic fruits and vegetables are juicier and they even smell better.

If you think that buying natural food is expensive, here are some ideas how to buy natural products without spending a lot:

1. Stop buying unhealthy snacks and instead try to cook something by yourself from natural products. One of the options that will make your all family happy is ecological cookies.

2. If it is very expensive for you to buy organic meat, buy less of it and instead cook something from legumes. They contain lots of protein just like meat. Remember that quality is more important than quantity.

3. If possible, grow fruits, vegetables and herbs by yourself.

4. Try baking bread, cookies and pies at home.

5. During summer, go to the forest to get berries and mushrooms. You can freeze them and use during entire year.


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