Why should we eat bananas regularly?

Why should we eat bananas regularly?

Bananas are fruits that are popular all over the world. People from Sri Lanka even believe that a snake seduced Eve with banana and not with an apple. Indian yogis consider bananas to be one of the most important foods. They strengthen the entire body, especially nervous system and stimulate mental powers.

Although the banana plant can grow up to 10-15 meters tall and the diameter of a stem can be as much as one meter, they are not considered to be trees. Most of the fruits are grown when the air temperature is about 27 °C. One plant can grow up to 400 fruits. Bananas are collected while they are still green.

Bananas should be included to our everyday menu. They contain lots of vitamin C that protects our body against aging and helps to fight the flu. Vitamin E is a great measure against wrinkles. Vitamin PP plays important role in metabolic processes. Bananas also contain vitamins B1, B2, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and a little bit of iron. Bananas are great for your heart as they contain potassium.

If you eat bananas regularly you will reduce the risk of getting heart attack and stroke. Banana juice is great to treat gastritis. If you have increased gastric acidity you should drink banana juice before meal.



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