Why should we eat nuts?

Why should we eat nuts?

Nuts are extremely useful and at the same time crafty product. They are a wonderful source of vitamins, protein and trace elements. They are necessary for vegetarians because they provide iron which his found in meat. On the other hand, there are so many people who have allergy for nuts. Besides they have so many calories and are difficult to digest. That is why we should eat only a handful of nut per day and chew them very well. Otherwise, we will not digest them well and we will not get all useful properties of nuts.


They are a bomb of protein and recommended for those who feel a lack of energy and who work physical work. Hazelnuts improve muscle tone and have calcium that strengthens your bones. Vitamins B and E promotes hair and skin beauty. Unsaturated fatty acids slow down the aging, reduce cholesterol, and help to prevent heart and vascular diseases


Walnuts contain coenzyme Q10 which is known as one of the best fighters against the signs of aging. They also contain lots of vitamin C. if you eat 5 walnuts, you will receive a recommended daily dose of vitamin C. Unsaturated fatty acids protect from aging and vitamin B is good for nervous system. They also strengthen muscles, improve memory and help for those having a mental work. Walnuts stimulate urine output and improve liver function at the same time helping to cleanse your body from all toxins.


They are useful for patients with respiratory tract diseases. Especially recommended for smokers because a large quantity of selenium, neutralizes the damage of cigarettes a little bit. Almonds also improve heart function, vision and memory.

Almond oil is used in cosmetics for long. It is suitable for all types of hair and can even be applied to your skin instead of your night moisturizer.



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