Why should you avoid coffee and dairy products in winter?

Why should you avoid coffee and dairy products in winter?

When we think about food during the cold season, usually we imagine vegetable soups and stews. When the weather is not hot, at least food warms us up. It is natural that during summer we eat healthier. However, we should not forget about healthy lifestyle during the winter.

Nutritionists recommend eating hot food and products that contain carbohydrates during the winter. However, you should avoid drinking hot coffee since caffeine stimulates our body to accumulate fat. Besides, you should also eat less of dairy products as they contribute to the formation of mucus which prevents the body fighting the viruses. Do not impede your body with fast food or food which is hard to digest either.

Specialists say that you should avoid drinking alcohol in winter as it dilates blood vessels and lowers body temperature. Do not stay at home all the time, try to be more in an open air especially in the morning as the natural light of the sun affects the body the same way as a cup of coffee in the morning and helps to be more productive.

Fruits are another great source of energy during the winter. Choose persimmons, pomegranate, cranberry, oranges, etc. these fruits contain antibacterial properties so they are great to eat during the winter. They also speed up your metabolism and help to get rid of unwanted kilograms. Vitamin C strengthens your immune system and lowers cholesterol in your blood.

Nutritionists also recommend eating more grains and vegetables – pumpkins, parsnips, turnips, potatoes and broccoli. This type of vegetables is rich in vitamins A and C which strengthen immune system and help to prevent flu. Do not forget garlic if you felt the first symptoms of flu or if you have throat infection.



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