Why should you avoid drinking soda?

Why should you avoid drinking soda?

Many people don’t realize that drinking soda may be dangerous to their body and health. Sugar and caffeine have been linked to depression or energy crashes what is very common to doing drugs. The habit of drinking 39 grams of sugar every day makes doctors worried. To prove you that their concerns are right, read what happens after drinking soda over the long term:

The result: Heart Disease

People who drink soda or other sugary beverages every day are more likely to have high blood sugar levels developed in a four years period. Even more, after some studies it was revealed that one soda serving a day increases a chance of developing high blood sugar levels for 25% and minimizes “good” cholesterol levels for 32%. Besides, the risk of heart attack also increases.

The result: Overweight

If you drink a single portion of soda every day for four years, you put on 10 pounds. This was proved after some special research which included 90,000 women.

The result: Diabetes

One or more servings of soda or other sugar enriched drink each day will increase the risk of the type 2 diabetes developed. According to some studies, women who claimed they drank one serving of soda, suffered from diabetes more who rarely drank this beverage.

The result: Less Healthy In Other Ways

Various studies have revealed that no matter which soda, diet or regular, you drink you will get the same effect on your health. While some people would disagree, soda drinkers are not bothered by healthy lifestyle in most cases, so they are more likely to have overweight and avoid activity. According to doctors, sometimes soda becomes addiction just like drugs. If you have realized that you may be in such dependence, try to replace soda with water.


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