Why women shouldn’t avoid breastfeeding?

Why women shouldn’t avoid breastfeeding?

According to experts, mother’s milk is the most needed material for the baby. After some research made it was found that mother’s milk contains 400 different substances that you won’t find in any substitute in the nature. It’s easily digested and efficiently absorbed food which will protect your baby from infectious and non-infectious diseases now and even in his additional life. Besides, it helps for the child to develop emotionally and intellectually. Breastfed babies rarely die from sudden infant death syndrome and are less affected by respiratory, digestive system or other diseases. Besides, they are much less plagued by allergies and obesity! Though it sounds funny, breast milk is free of charge.

When woman starts breastfeeding, prolactin and oxytocin are stimulated in her body that additionally stimulate the biological basis of maternity: patience, tolerance, trust in your baby, love, tenderness. These hormones protect mothers against many diseases: breast, ovarian and uterine cancer, osteoporosis.

Successful breast-feeding is strongly influenced by his mother’s attitude to the baby’s feeding process and the desire to overcome all the problems. The firstborn brings lots of questions to his mother about the raise and breastfeeding related questions: ‘what like the first time will be’, or ‘will I have enough milk’, or ‘how many times a day do I need to breastfeed?’

According to doctors, the most important day is the first day, when mother together with her baby needs to learn everything. The biggest problem is connected to breast-feeding techniques. Specialists say that from the first days women should try to put their babies near their breasts and give their breast even 20 times a day. Doctors say that there should be no discomfort to ask the staff for the first practical lessons in how to correctly start breast-feeding.


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