Why “yo-yo” diets are dangerous?

Why “yo-yo” diets are dangerous?

Probably all knows “yo-yo” effect. It’s such a diet effect when after losing weight you get it all back as soon as you go back to eating normally. There are enormous amount of diets that only give you a short-term effect and as soon as you start eating normally, all kilos come back. Actually it’s one of the main problems for all who try to lose weight.

Mono diet is a low calories diet which for many people look perfect solution if they want to lose weight quickly. However, after this diet many people get all their weight back, sometimes even more than they have lost. Then they start dieting again and the story is repeated. Actually the essence of weight return is that after a diet people are not able to eat normally as they miss chocolate and similar food and after mono diets, these are your may enemies. Don’t forget that this kind of diets also slow down your metabolism. Finally, you get into a vicious circle of dieting and you cannot get out of it. But have you aver thought how dangerous it is for your health?

“Yo-yo” effect causes liver problems, muscle loss, slows down your metabolism, propmotes hear diseases and high blood pressure. It also can cause diabetes, even cancer and in general shortens your life expectancy.

Do you really need this? Do you want to live having health problems? Or maybe you should choose a more healthy way of losing weight and be happier, more beautiful and healthier?



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