Wisdom teeth and their problems

Wisdom teeth and their problems

Wisdom teeth, located at the very back of the mouth, usually come in when a person is between the age of 17 and 21 or older. Their name is also connected to this – they are called so because they appear when the person is old enough to have some “wisdom”.

If wisdom teeth are properly positioned and healthy, they won’t cause any problems and can be left inside. However, wisdom teeth may cause numerous problems: when they break partway through the gums, they may cause a flap of gum tissue to grow over them. It means that every time you eat, food will be trapped there what may lead your gum into infection, so make sure you clean them properly. In addition, wisdom teeth can also be crooked or start growing to the wrong direction. Sometimes they are too big to break through your gums what causes enormous pain in your head.

According to dentists, there are five symptoms that should be taken into account because they mean your wisdom teeth need to be removed:

1.      Pain coming from a wisdom tooth or near an impacted tooth.
2.      Pain initiated by its angles that unpleasantly rub your cheek,
tongue, or top/bottom of the mouth.
3.      Swelling of the gum tissue that has formed because of an impacted
tooth that needs to break through the gum.
4.      Crowding of other teeth.
5.      Tooth decay or gum disease if there’s not enough room for the wisdom tooth.

Most of these problems will require removal of wisdom teeth, so if you have felt some of these problems written above, please contact your family dentist to fix the problem without any delay.


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