5 signs of bad nutrition

5 signs of bad nutrition

If your hair is weak it’s the first sign that your diet is incorrect. This is known by many people. But what are other signs that you don’t eat properly?

Skin, hair and nails problems

Skinny women often have more body hair than normal. That’s how our body tries to keep normal body temperature. If your hair and nails are weak, it mean that your body has a lack of biotin. Hair loss is usually caused by a lack of iron. Skin problems are usually a result of a lack of niacin. If your skin is very dry, it’s very likely that you need zinc.

Yellow teeth

It is easier to notice anorexia nervosa than bulimia. If you suspect that one of your friends is making himself to vomit food, one of the signs to prove that is yellow teeth and teeth decay. This happens because stomach acids harm enamel. Vomiting can also cause bad vision.

No self-confidence

Lots of people who have eating disorders often do not feel confident about themselves because of their appearance. People who have eating disorders don’t feel comfortable to eat in cafes, restaurants or even at their friends’ places. These are obvious symptoms of depression. Bulimic and anorexic people avoid eye contact.

Irregular menstrual cycle

If women restrict daily calorie intake, their menstrual cycle is usually disturbed.

Change of appearance

If you have noticed that some of your friends has changed radically, for example, lost lots of weight or the color of his skin has changed, try to talk about it. An honest conversation can save a life.



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