A few facts about the sun

A few facts about the sun

How cool is to enjoy sunny days and warm weather. Summer is almost here. We will soon be able to have sunbathing. But is the sun our friend or foe? In order to make some conclusions we should know a few facts about it.


1. Overexposure to the sun causes skin aging especially for you face skin since it is thinner. Also the sun increases a possibility to develop skin cancer.

2. The sun can cause hormonal imbalance. Therefore, if the sun is really bright you should avoid direct sunlight and drink plenty of water. Don’t forget your eyes! The sun can develop cataract so make sure to wear good sunglasses.


1. Ultraviolet rays enhance our resistance to cold and helps in treating eczema and dermatitis.

2. Direct sunlight strengthens your nervous system and stimulates processes of metabolism in your body.

3. The lack of sunlight can cause schizophrenia and diabetes.

4. The sun is the main source of Vitamin D. it protects against rickets (bone disease that especially affects children). It’s also important for strong and healthy teeth and bones.



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