Beauty recipes from India

Beauty recipes from India

India is a country where beauty traditions have been spread from generation to generation for over thousands of years. Their beauty treatment is dedicated for only natural, given by nature, beauty, based on Ayurveda and required to use only natural ingredients. Indian beauty recipes consist of fruits, roses’ petals, nuts, milk, yogurt, honey, clay, sandalwood, and most of all, ayurvedic herbs.

Women’s beauty in India is understandable as a body, mind and soul harmony expression, so it is important to take care of not only its “outside” but “inside” as well. Indian people claim that human’s beauty and health in particular start from his head, so it is important to keep thinking positively and avoid stress. According to them, positive thoughts, yoga, meditation and long walks make the entire body look younger, affect your skin and hair, “clean” negative emotions.

According to Ayurveda, milk is the basis for women’s beauty and it should be taken in the evening before a bedtime. Indian women usually flavor it with various spices such as cardamom or nutmeg. They believe that it helps them to fall asleep more quickly, has a positive effect on their skin. Just like in many other regions, sleep in India is also considered as essential thing for woman’s beauty. According to their beauty experts, the girl should go to sleep before a midnight because this time is the most soothing and relaxing time of the day and makes you more beautiful. Well-rested at night, woman wakes up spiritually calm and more beautiful.

The most important and luxurious beauty ritual in India is applying the mask. Masks are powerful enough to clean, moisturize and tone at the same time and their pleasant scents relax the whole body and brighten the mood. Oily skin masks in India are prepared from sandalwood powder, turmeric and orange juice. Sandalwood has a pore-minimizing effect and orange juice cures acne and lightens the skin. If woman has a dry skin, in India she will be given a mask from the egg white, greasy spoon of honey and a cream. Mask should be kept for about 20 minutes and then washed off with cool water. Rose water and milk are dedicated for a normal skin in this country. Rose water tones and refreshes, while milk proteins makes the skin soft and smooth.

It must be remembered that all these recipes should be consumed immediately after being prepared. Consisting only natural ingredients, natural cosmetics turn bad very quickly!


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