Dried fruit instead of sweets

Dried fruit instead of sweets

Many of us have probably heard that it’s better to eat a handful of gdried fruit than a piece of cake. And this is certanly said not without a reason.

The most useful dried fruit is apricot. Dried apricots are recommended fro people suffering from cardiovascular diseases as they are rich in potassium and magnessium which are necessary to maintain good function of your heart. Keep in mind that apricots that are dried with its stone have more vitamins than those that have no stone.

Figs are dried staight on the trees. They are useful for patients with heart diseases, figs also help in fighting against cancer. Figs and hot milk is an excelent remedy to cure cough.

Prunes are known to improve your intestines habits. They have lots of dietary fiber. If you constantly experience stress, prunes should always be next to you as they act as natural antidepressant.

Dates are the best source of energy so they are recommended if you suffer from exhaustion or apathy. Dates are rich in vitamin B5 which increases efficiency and concentration. In the old times dates were used to cure cold and headache.

Raisins or dried grapes are rich in lots of vitamins and they are very useful in normalizing thyroid activity and restoring calcium balance.

Dried pears effectively remov toxins from the body. However, if you suffer from intestinal ailments, do notuse them.



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