Eye skin care secrets

Eye skin care secrets

Perhaps the most sensitive and the thinnest skin is around the eyes. Skin around the eyes does not produce oil so it is poorly protected. Thin and sensitive skin around the eyes is also moving a lot throughout the day as we make hundreds of mimics. It is not surprising that this part of the skin is the first to be attacked by wrinkles. It also tends to darken quickly and swelling. So what to do to keep this fragile area young? Here are some effective tips:

Sleep and the skin around the eyes

1. Do not go to sleep without removing your make up and without applying eye cream around the eyes.

2. Do not hide your face with a pillow. You will stretch your skin and get wrinkles quicker.

3. Dark circles are usually a result of lack of sleep. For the same reason your skin loses elasticity. Therefore, sleep at least 8 hours per day. However, do not overdo it. Too much sleep can make the skin around your eyes swollen.


1. You don’t have eye makeup remover with you? Use some oil instead of a cleanser, for example, olive oil, sesame or sunflower oil. You can also replace eye makeup remover with a moisturizer.

2. Be careful when choosing eye cream and face moisturizer. Creams of poor composition will not give the desired effect and it can also irritate your skin and increase sensitivity.

3. Night cream can be changed with oil. The best oils for your skin are olive oil, sesame oil and castor oil.

4. For a long time milk is known as a beauty elixir. Get a splash of cold milk on a piece of cotton and hold it to your eye for about 30 seconds. You will see the effect tmmediatelly.

5. Slices of potato can help to get rid of dark circles. Potatoes are rich in vitamin C which tones and rejuvenates the skin.

Nutrition and the skin around the eyes

1. If you have dark and swollen eye circles, avoid salty and spicy food.

2. Eat leafy vegetables, broccoli, citrus fruits and nuts. These products prevent the skin from aging.

3. Alcohol is the biggest enemy of your skin. If you want to preserve your beauty, do not consume alcohol at all.



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