Aromatherapy: delicious smells can help to lose weight

Aromatherapy:  delicious smells can help to lose weight

The majority of overweight people want to lose weight naturally. Aromatherapy seems to find a new way how to lose few pounds completely naturally. Before revealing this secret, there should be noted that there is no magical aromatherapy oil that makes you lose all unwanted pounds.

At first, it is important to clarify the role of aromatherapy in weight loss process. Is it really possible to lose weight with a help of aromatherapy? Studies have shown that it is really possible. Aromatherapy can help to cope with emotional problems which affect body weight and some scents can successfully control appetite.

The research was done in St. George’s Hospital in London. Patients have been treated with vanilla aromatherapy oil which is known to reduce the craving for chocolate, sweets and various sweet drinks. The participants lost about 2 kilogram on average in 4 weeks. Aromatherapy affects olfactory system. Try smelling fresh bread or pizza and you will immediately feel hunger.

Pure organic essential oils are used to maintain the balance of appetite, control overeating, improve digestion, metabolism and burn excess fat. The mystery of this method is easy: essential oils are used to trick your brain that you ate more while actually you ate less. You can eat everything that you ate before but if you use essential oils you will eat less. Aromatherapy can be successfully added to any diet to increase its efficiency.

The most popular essential oils used to control your appetite are grapefruit, lavender, orange lemon, mint and fennel. Many of them help to prevent sugar cravings. All you have to do it to apply a drop of a chosen essential oil on your tongue or a napkin and carry it with you all the time. Aroma will send signals to your brain and you will eat less.




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