Building strong bones? Eat prunes

Building strong bones? Eat prunes

Most of the older women suffering from the bone fragility problem should consume more prunes, say the doctors. After the latest research made by medicine experts from United States (Florida and Oklahoma), it was found that regular consumption of dried plums is the simplest way how to strengthen your bones. According to Professor Bahram H. Arjmandi, the study has been done with many fruits and only prunes have been found to have the greatest positive impact on ensuring adequate bone density.

Based on bone density, the study involved 100 women of post-menopausal age: one group (55 women) had to consume 100g (about 10) prunes during the day; the other group received the same amount of dried apples. Both groups of women received 500 mg of calcium and 400 mg of vitamin D per day. Finally, after one-year research it has been shown that plum-treated women have significantly higher bone density.

In addition, doctors also claim that for strengthening the bones patients can also use other dried fruits, like apricots, strawberries, apples, grapes, but it is worth to distinguish prunes, because they contain much more calcium than other fruits.

Talking about surprising powers of prunes, they are especially useful for those who have problems with intestinal peristalsis – dried prunes have much fiber that enhances intestinal motility. To get the best result, patients are advised to eat 10 – 20 before going to bed. It was also found that dried prunes promote cholesterol removal from the body, so they are highly recommended for the patients with atherosclerosis and gall bladder disease. Prunes have also the largest potential antioxidants by ORAC Scale – 8500 ?mol TE/100g G., so it is one of the greatest source of antioxidants in comparison with other fruits.


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