7 back pain causes you never thought of

Recurrent back pain is very common nowadays. If the pain is not very sharp a lot of people ignore it hoping that it will pass away. Recently, scientists have identified a number of unexpected causes of back pain and offered appropriate treatment methods.

Smoking. This addiction narrows the blood vessels, so the spinal discs get less oxygen and nutrients, which can lead to lack of spine degeneration and cause painful sensations at a back area. You should definitely think of quitting it.

Muscle weakness. Back pain can be caused by not enough trained muscles. Make it a habit to do some exercises in the morning and take care of your physical strain. Go for a walk more often or think of other physical activity.

Old mattress. Sleeping on an old or improper mattress can make your spine C-shaped. When the back is not at a natural position, the muscles tend to become clogged and properly tighten. If your mattress is bumpy, it is time to buy a new one. It must be neither too hard nor too soft.

Overweight. Additional pounds represent an additional load on the spine. When your back is not able to drag the load, the discs may deform. It is very important to exercise, control your diet and try to lose excess weight.

Improper weightlifting. A lot of people lift too heavy objects, bends incorrectly and cause other harm to their back. This is a big mistake, because you use your back, abdominal and leg muscles when you bend and lift. Every time you need to lift something, tighten your abdominal muscles and use your leg muscles.

High-heels. If you wear shoes with higher than 5 cm heels all day long, you force yourself to bend forward. Spine takes on an unnatural Links and you back gets additional load.

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