5 great tips to keep your teeth white and healthy

  1. Forget about carbonated drinks. A lot of parties or dinners never not do without carbonated drinks. But keep in mind that these drinks are rich in sugar, and they are certainly not the best for your teeth. If you really want something carbonated, choose carbonated water or at least use a straw to protect your teeth from acids.
  2. Limit the quantities of wine. If you like red wine, there is something you should know. Red wine can color your lips and teeth. If you really want to have a glass of it, try to snack on. In addition, after meals and drinks do not forget to brush your teeth.
  3. Start loving vegetables. Today, you can find the world’s most exciting recipes that make vegetables gourmet. Try replacing your usual chocolate cakes and biscuits with some healthy broccoli and carrot dishes. They can indeed be very tasty!
  4. Cheese is a great snack. Cheese or cheese sticks are a great snack at parties where alcohol is consumed. It helps to balance the pH in the sparkling drinks and neutralize their acidity. Besides, cheese is rich in calcium, which strengthens your teeth.
  5. Eat fruits instead of dessert. Not only a lot of desserts have many calories, but they also damage your teeth. Fruits are a much better option.

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