Forget any dental problems. Plants that will help you

Toothpastes often contain sodium lauryl sulfate and alcohol, which are bad for your teeth. Today, more and more manufacturers are replacing harmful chemicals with natural herbs. Some plants are ideal for oral and dental care. It stops the growth of bacteria and reduces gingivitis.

Aloe helps fight inflammation of the mouth and wounds. Its juice is rich in vitamin E, which promotes healing processes. Just apply the juice of the plant on damaged areas.

Tea tree oil is used as an excellent whitening products.

Calendula helps to strengthen the gums and make your teeth resistant to decay.

Neem powder is used in the highest quality toothpastes. This plant gets rid of bad breath and whitens teeth.

Mint is an excellent way to deal with unpleasant smell. Mint has an antiseptic effect. You can use essential oil of mint.

Sage plant is the best medicine for gums treatments. Sage can also be successfully used to treat sore throat.

All of these herbs have long been used to improve the condition of the teeth and gums. But if you are worried about the decay, we recommend that you be sure to see your dentist.

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