What happens when you stop brushing your teeth?

One day. If you don’t brush your teeth for the whole day, a thin layer of plaque will start forming on your teeth. Probably it will not do real harm in one day, but the start has been made. Bad breath usually occurs after two days.

One week. The layer becomes slightly thicker and breath certainly becomes really bad. Also, gingivitis is already visible. It is one of gum diseases, gum inflammation.

One month. 30 days without using toothbrush and bacteria in your mouth begins to lead. Gum redness is no longer the only problem. If you also consume sugar, it immediately increases the risk of dental caries. It is a time when white spots are formed on your teeth, indicating that the enamel is damaged.

One year. Oral cavity bacteria contribute to the development of dental caries, especially if you eat a lot of sugar. So after months of ignoring oral hygiene you will definitely get holes in your teeth, the amount of plaque will double, and you will definitely have some gums diseases.

Remember that it is not enough to just clean your teeth with a toothbrush, it is necessary to take care of interdental spaces too. Use a dental floss or interdental brushes. Choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride, and be healthy.

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