What you should know about micosis?

Fungus is slowly but surely progressing disease. So how to recognize this enemy and defeat it?

Fungal infections are a widespread problem. The most common areas for fungi to develop are foot skin and nails. “Greenhouse effect” in the shoes provide ideal conditions for fungi to multiply and develop, but it is not the only reason. Fungal infections are much more common among people that have weak immunity, often go to sauna, swimming pool, wear someone else’s shoes, sweat excessively, etc.

Fungal infections are no joke. Mycosis is caused by pathogenic fungi, which violate foot skin (dermatomycoses) and nails (onychomycosis). If you ignore the change in nail color, peeling and itchy feet, you may create a lot of problems.

Symptoms of fungal infection symptoms

When can you suspect mycosis? Sometimes it is difficult to recognize it. Your feet and toes may start itching, nails become dull, layered and brittle, etc. These symptoms refer to both the onset and progressive disease. Feet skin affected by fungus starts cracking, you may notice increased sweating, sharp and unpleasant smell, which do not go away just by using any conventional means. If you want to start treatment on time, you have to carefully follow your health care and never ignore symptoms.

Treating fungus

Effective measures are those that penetrate deep into the skin or nails. These are various creams and ointments. It is important to note that every third case of nail fungus develops together with foot fungus, so you need to treat both at once.

Typically, self-treatment lasts from one week to a month, but if the symptoms remain, it is necessary to go to a dermatologist. The disease may spread dramatically. In this case, it is necessary to carry out blood tests and the use of particularly strong chemical products.

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