First aid. How to fight against stress?

What to do if we cannot get rid of inner tension? Very often we choose the most inappropriate means to relax – alcohol, shopping, etc. However, there are many effective means to help to cope with stress in 10 min or quicker. Here they are.

Listen to music. Make a 10 minute relaxing playlist. When you start feeling tensed, make a short break. Put on your headphones, sit back and listen to music. Try to move your thoughts away for 10 minutes and think of pleasant things.

Learn simple yoga exercises. Yoga helps to relax both your body and your thoughts. It would be pretty weird doing some difficult exercises in the office. However, there are simple exercises for your eyes, neck, arms, shoulders and so on.

Have an interesting book next to you. Get some interesting books to have with you. When you have some spare time, read a page or two.

Go to the park. Nature creates relaxing mood. If you have nothing planned for the evening, go for a walk after your work.

Chat. Call somebody from your family or a friend. Talking helps to cope with stress and relax. Besides, the one you are going to talk about will definitely remind you that you are not the only one having problems.


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