Foreign remedies to get rid of cold

People from different countries use different recipes for getting rid of the cold. Some of them rely on various mixtures from different herbs while others use inhalation methods and baths… Here are some recipes that may be “borrowed” from foreign countries to stop your runny nose.

If a person gets cold and starts suffering from runny nose, in Northern Europe it’s very popular to prepare bath filled with warm water. Additionally, you should place your feet into this bowl and slowly pour more hot water there until you can stand the temperature. Such baths are good for activating the immune protection and help to improve nasal blood flow. Besides, the same effect will give another popular recipe: put dry mustard seeds you’re your socks and go to sleep wearing them.

In Romania, the first remedy for getting rid of runny nose is made from salt and lemon. Take one half of lemon and mix its juice with a teaspoon of salt and 50 grams of water. Now you should drop by drop this liquid into your nose and wait until salt will reduce swelling and vitamin C will shrink capillaries. However, doctors don’t recommend using this recipe to cure the children.

It turns out that horseradish is useful not only for spicing meat – in Germany it’s also a well known remedy for fighting against cold attacks. Mix some freshly grated horseradish with sugar and a half of apple, and eat few tablespoons of this mixture per day. Soon you will notice that breathing through your nose has become much easier because horseradish is a special compound in the fight against bacteria and viruses and also well tolerated by our body.

In Holland, the most popular recipe for fighting against cold is inhalation with menthol, camphor or chamomile. Many people believe that this procedure effectively helps to feel better, especially when you suffer from such illnesses as bronchitis or tracheitis. However, you shouldn’t use inhalations for children because if too hot, steam can cause burns, while menthol and camphor – cough.

Kemer herbs are especially used in medicine of North American Indians for improving immune system and getting rid of the cold. You can also find Kemer in pharmacies and make this recipe: take two teaspoons of dried herbs Kemer, pour 500 ml of boiling water and leave this mixure still for 4 hours. Drink 100 ml of it 3-4 times per day 10-15 minutes before eating. Impact of this Indian remedy is rapid recover from all the signs of cold.

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