4 myths about sweets

The best things in our life are “sweet” – sleep, smells, kisses and, of course, some sweets foods. They are particularly attracting to us during the warm seasons, especially if we want to look good and we are constantly fighting with this weakness and fear of gaining weight. But can’t we really make at least occasional celebrations?

Myth 1. Sweets are beneficial for our brain. A piece of chocolate in the middle of the work day can really make us happy. The brain requires glucose, because it is very sensitive to the lack of this substance in the blood. However, it is naive to believe that quantity is more important than quality. Too many sweets can cause drowsiness and interfere with work.

Myth 2. Sugar is the vitamin of joy. Doctors call sugar “white death.” However, we still cannot deny the fact that sugar is so enjoyable. But do you know that three teaspoons of sugar in a cup of tea reduces the stores of vitamin B1 in the body? The more we are lacking this vitamin, the greater the chances of developing depression, fatigue and muscle weakness.

Myth 3. Sweeteners help to lose weight. Although artificial substitutes for sugar have almost no calories, there are still many discussions about how they affect our health. There are evidences that the immunosuppressive sweeteners, like aspartame, are carcinogenic. On the other hand, the opinions are different and sometimes even contradictory, so whether or not to use sweeteners depends only on you.

Myth 4. Chocolate is delicious, but harmful. The lovers of dark chocolate can be happy. It is justified by a growing number of professionals. It is stated that 100 grams of dark chocolate improves cardiovascular activity and protect blood vessels from the effects of free radicals at least for three hours. Make sure you choose high quality dark chocolate.

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