Do not ignore joint pain!

Active leisure (running, cycling, outdoor games, etc.) often ends up in joint pain. Orthopedic traumas deny entrenched stereotype that joint problems are mostly common among older people. Joint pain is caused by different and very individual reasons.

Why our joint hurt

There are plenty of reasons why our joint hurt. For example, pain in the knee joint may be caused by spinal problems. Sometimes it appears because of old injuries, which you did not know about or did not treat on time.

Doctors agree that the painkillers, poultices, ointments, etc. can ease discomfort at that time, but these are just a one-off measures, and they will not solve the problem.

Ignoring the pain can make it even worse. Most often consequence of unhealed injuries is arthrosis. It is a slowly progressive disease characterized by cartilage breakdown. Sometimes it reaches such a level that the joint can only be replaced with an artificial one.

How to protect yourself from joint pain

Most joint problems and injuries occur due to excessive physical load. It is therefore extremely important to not overdo your workouts. Many of us spend all day sitting in the office, and when the summer comes we start practicing sports and have outdoor activities. Your body should be properly prepared, so take time to warm up. Protective or muscle warming clothing and special footwear can protect your joints too.

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