How to fight against overeating at night?

Dealing with appetite at night is not easy. Despite a strict promise to yourself and everyone around you, your appetite can take over and make you forget the promises. However, you can fight against it.

  • We all know that fluid help to reduce appetite greatly. Green tea, mineral water, tomato juice, milk or low-fat yogurt are your best friends here. You can drink a glass of water with lemon juice too.
  • In order to quell the feeling of hunger, you can lie in a warm bath, which has a calming effect and delays the thoughts of food.
  • To quench your hunger before going to bed, you can choose to eat: a slice of chocolate; one apple; one fresh tomato or cucumber; one fresh carrot.
  • To chase away the thought of a delicious dinner, go get some fresh air before bedtime. You can also exercise a little bit for 15-20 minutes.

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