What products make you feel fatigue?

Perhaps you have noticed that some meals make you feel drowsy, while others give you energy and vivacity? US scientists decided to investigate how one or another product affects human well-being and energy condition. That’s what their conclusions are.


Turkey contains specific protein that  has arelaxinf effect on human’s body. Of course, turkey steak will not replace your sleeping pills, but keep in mind that frequent consumption of turkey meat can reduce your ability to work. In addition, it is not recommended to eat it before significant events, when you have to be the maximum awake and attentive.

Sugar and all sweets

The jumps of blood glucose usually exhaust the body, so sweets lovers quickly get tired and feel lack of sleep. Consider whether it is worth it to refuse your favourite candies and carbonated drinks.

Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol inhibits the activity of nervous system. Alcoholic beverages make us sluggish and lethargic. Unfortunately, sleep after drinking alcohol is not that effective, because at this time your body is not relaxing, because it needs to break down the poison. Therefore, it is unable to accumulate enough of energy for the next day.

Fried food

Fried products take generally a very long time to digest. They irritate the digestive tract and have a lot of harmful metabolic waste.

All meals that contain flour products

Pasta, pastries, cakes, etc. cause a rapid increase in blood sugar levels and bring fatigue.

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