How to cope with stress

Not everything in life is going according to the plan. Sometimes our simple daily tasks become full of stress and unpleasant situations. In addition, a small spark is enough to make us burst into tears and break. According to experts, we should blame our expectations in most of the cases. For example: you did something that gave you happiness or pride about yourself but didn’t receive the response you expected, so you start being nervous. However, we forget that we do such things not just because of the other person, but for ourselves as well. Think about what kind of reward you expect? Probably, you don’t even know.

Imagine such situation: you decide to get on the bus to do some important business. Unfortunately, the bus drives before your eyes and you are made to wait for another one for an hour. You get nervous and start watching the time. Some hours after when the next bus reaches you, you are full of stress because you realize that you are late. Traveling by bus becomes the longest journey by public transport in your life – you get into heavy traffic: you see passing ambulance cars and, of course, getting even more nervous.

However, sitting in the bus gives you precious time to wonder about those people who got into an accident. Will they survive? Are there any injured children?  In fact, waiting is a small gift, which could be used carefully.

More ways to live slower:
1. Schedule your time realistically.
2. Make the priorities. Decide which works are important and do them first.
3. Take the minute for ‘holiday’. Stop and smell the rose, look out
the window at the sun or clouds.
4. Get rid of negative thoughts. Forgive those who have hurt you.
5. Express your gratitude – make a note, a phone call or visit someone.
6. Look at the images that make you smile.

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