Products that help to overcome autumn depression

Many people start complaining about sadness and bad mood in autumn. In order to overcome such state you do not need medications. There are plenty for food products that can provide our body vitamins of joy.

Oily fish

Studies have shown that people who eat fish frequently suffer from depression much less frequently than those who eat more meat. The reason of that is omega 3 fatty acids that are beneficial for our heart, blood vessels and brain. Therefore, you should eat some oily fish at least once a week. One of the best choices is hearing and salmon as they can be eaten without being treated with heat. For this reason they have more vitamins, especially vitamin D.


It’s an excellent source of vitamin C which is important component to transform amino acids into serotonin which is known as a hormone of happiness. Besides, oranges contain pectin which improves digestion and helps to eliminate excess cholesterol.


If you are one of those people who choose porridge for breakfast you experience less stress than those people who do not eat at all or eat something that is not that nutritious. Porridges contain vitamin B which helps you to concentrate and memorize information much better.


It is rich in biologically active substances which make your brain to produce a hormone that is responsible for feelings of pleasure. A bad of chocolate can easily help you to lift your mood as it also contains serotonin. The lack of this hormone causes apathy, lack of self-esteem, sleep disorders or even depression.


It’s a source of B group vitamins that are needed to ensure the functioning of your nervous system, that improve mood and normalize sleep. If you are afraid to have digestion problems because of eating peas, make sure to soak them in water and keep at least for 30 minutes before cooking.

Sea food

It contains lots of iodine which has positive effect on your metabolism, efficiency and intelligence. The best sources of iodine are seaweed and shrimps.


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