How essential oils can help to lose weight?

If you want to lose weight, you probably know very well how to do it. You just have to be a more rational with your diet and be physically active. However, to make these two “traditional” steps even more effective, experts recommend adding one more – aromatherapy. Wise use of essential oils improves effectiveness of diets and workouts.

Active ingredients of essential oils enters the body through the skin, or you can also do inhalations. Aromatic lamp is not necessary, you can use scent diffusers (sticks), add a few drops of oil in a cup of hot water or in the bath and breathe in the steam. Essential oils can also be used for massages. Just make sure they are not pure (as pure essential oils may burn the skin). You can dilute them with some base oils: coconut, jojoba, olive, avocado, almond and others.

How to avoid evening hunger pangs and overeating

A very common cause of obesity is an increased hunger in the evening and night raids in the kitchen. It is usually associated with anxiety, guilt feelings, fatigue and stress. In such cases sweet scents can do a miracle, as brain perceives them as comfort and security zone.

Make sure you choose oils that sooth, but will not cause hunger. The ideal option is vanilla. Before going to sleep, add 2-3 drops of vanilla oil to the lamp and smell it at least a few minutes. The effect of such inhalations lasts about an hour, so if you often wake up at night, you can do it again. Sweet scents also help to keep+ you away from your refrigerator.

How to snack less?

Another problem is snacking high-calorie products (pastries, candies, cookies and other sweets) during the day. Get rid of this habit and reduce cravings for sweets with lavender and cinnamon essential oils.

Pour in five drops of water, one drop of lavender and two drops of cinnamon essential oil to some small container. Smell each time you will desire to eat something sweet.

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