How to lose weight while eating everything?

Is it possible to eat what you want and lose weight? And most importantly, is it possible to get rid of unwanted kilograms for good? It may sound incredible, but it is indeed possible.
Austrian nutrition expert Marion Grillparzer says thou must eat in order to lose weight . But how does her diet actually work?

There is one basic rule. You can eat all you want, but you should pay attention to the combinations of your food. Basically, you breakfast, lunch and dinner must be determined by formula 1/2/3. It means: one part of carbohydrates (such as rye bread, potatoes, wild rice), two parts of protein (lean meat or fish) and three parts of vegetables. It is important to avoid sugar, wheat flour and hydrogenated fat.

The principle is very simple. Put one potato to your plate, twice as much of meat and three times more vegetables. At more of carbohydrates, protein or vegetables.

For the first two days you should limit the amount of water, teas and soups. After four weeks, you can eat whatever you want, but you must choose only vegetables and protein meals. Eat three meals a day.

You must exercise 30 minutes each day. Such a diet helps burn fat accumulations and cleanses your body.

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