Why eggs are the best products if you want to lose weight?

Do you know that eggs can be a key to success to lose weight? Here are 3 reasons why you should eat more of them.

  1. The study in 2008 has revealed that obese people lost more weight and reduced fat from the waist, if they ate 2 eggs for breakfast 2 eggs, although their breakfast had the same number of calories.
  2. Eggs are rich in protein. Your breakfast should be filled with protein so you would still feel full by the afternoon. In fact, many specialists say that you should consume at least 20 grams of protein in the morning, in order to improve your metabolism. The good news is that by eating two eggs in the morning you are on the right track, because one egg has 6 grams of protein.
  3. Eggs are a healthy and convenient option. If you are starving, hard-boiled egg can be a quick, low-calorie snack to feel full you until your next meal. One hard-boiled egg (78 calories) and an apple (80 calories) is a great and a nutritious snack.

    There are many creative and healthy egg recipes that can be prepared in advance, so this way you can continue following the right path.

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