What should we eat in winter season?

It has been said for ages that once the weather gets cooler we should eat more fatty foods. Is this true? Which food accelerates the circulation of the blood and speeds up our metabolism? And which food could warm us during a cold day?

Significance of the blood for our body can be even measured. It transports nutrients, metabolic products, vitamins, hormones, electrolytes and also the heat. Blood cells are involved in the most of immune processes and protect our body from bacteria. That’s why problems connected to blood circulation are dangerous for all body systems and may damage our brain, heart, nervous system, hands or feet. However, principles of healthy eating can protect us from problems connected to the blood circulation that have tendency to get more active during the winter.

According to nutritionists, when the winter begins we should all start eating well in order to warm and feel comfortable and that doesn’t mean that we should start consuming more fats. Smoked and fatty foods overload digestion system and make the blood distribution uneven – that’s why we start feeling our feet or arms freezing.

To improve the blood flow, which produces the energy, it’s recommended to change the daily menu and start eating often but little by little. Besides, hot foods should be eaten only with hot drinks! Fluids are very important if you don’t want to feel freezing during a cold day. It is important to drink hot tea, especially before going out. Instead of carbonated beverages it’s generally recommended choosing hawthorn, ginseng or green tea.

On a cold day it is advisable to eat plenty of foods that contain magnesium (black bread, cereals, peas, strawberries, rice, salad, almonds), iron (carrots, tomatoes, beets, apples, raisins). The circulation of blood can be also improved by melons, pomegranates and bananas. Fish is also very valuable product for a cold season because it has many substances helping to improve blood circulation and strengthen blood vessels. Fatty sea fish is the best solution.

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