Zinc mitigates symptoms of cold

Supplements of zinc mitigate and reduce troubles caused by the common cold.

It is believed that these findings may shorten the time when people don’t go to work because of cold, which constitutes about 40 percent of all cases why people don’t go to work.

It is considered that adults per year on average get cold twice, and children – even up to 10 times per year.

The researchers claim that if on the first day of cold a person started using a syrup, tablets of pastilles with zinc, the symptoms of cold were less harsh and the illness lasted for shorter time.

Children that have been using syrup or pastilles with zinc for five months or longer, got cold less often than those who didn’t. Besides, zinc allowed them to reduce the use of antibiotics.

So far the researchers have only analyzed the data of healthy people. It is also planned to study whether zinc supplements can help individuals that suffer from asthma as they have worse symptoms if they get cold.

In the countries of the European Union, it is recommended 10 milligrams of zinc daily. The best sources of zinc are beans, lentils, nuts, grains, pumpkin seeds. Zinc is also important for immunity, digestive system, female and male germ functions, it supports normal growth and development.

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