30 reasons to practice yoga and meditation

  1. It strengthens the digestive system
  2. It regulates the endocrine system
  3. It balances the metabolism
  4. It strengthens and calms the nerves
  5. It rests the mind
  6. Meditation develops inner peace
  7. Meditation strengthens and opens the flow of energy
  8. It provides mental clarity
  9. It tones the spine
  10. It improves the immune system
  11. It helps you to lose weight
  12. It  improves your posture
  13. It reduces the risk of heart diseases
  14. It helps to use fat for energy
  15. It helps the body to resist against upper respiratory tract infections
  16. It helps to relieve headaches
  17. It improves the absorption of oxygen
  18. It increases muscle strength
  19. It increases muscle flexibility
  20. It maintains thin tissues of the body
  21. It reduces high blood pressure
  22. It strengthens ligaments and tendons
  23. It improves blood circulation
  24. It helps you to lose weight
  25. It reduces the feeling of anxiety
  26. It helps to regulate blood pressure
  27. It increases muscular endurance
  28. It strengthens bones
  29. It helps to quit smoking
  30. It helps to refuse alcohol.

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