5 reasons to make jogging your hobby

Probably many of you have ever tried to jog, but gave it up for one reason or another. Hopefully these findings will encourage you to return to the track and make running one of your favorite hobbies!

1. Jogging increases cardiovascular capacity and develops heart muscle. The heart is getting stronger and it becomes more capable to successfully maintain blood circulation.

2. Jogging increases the levels of oxygen in the blood. It accelerates blood circulation and improves body’s oxygen supply. All cells and tissues receive more blood enriched with oxygen and nutrients.

3. If you jog for a long time, your body starts producing a special hormone – endorphin, which is known as “hormone of happiness.” This is the reason why depressed mood evaporates along with sweat.

4. Systematic jogging improves immunity. It also decreases cholesterol in the blood, controls hunger, improves intestinal motility.

5. Regular Jogging has a positive effect on your musculoskeletal system. It prevents the degeneration of joints and muscles.

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