5 tips for those who are lazy to work out

Studies have shown that exercising in the morning, working out in the gym, and any regular physical activity increases efficiency, reduces stress, helps to lose weight, and even prevents depression. But what about those who say that they don’t have time to exercise? Or those who are too lazy to do it? Here are some tips for them.

  1. Not all of us have the ability to work standing. If you have a sedentary work, set an alarm in your mobile phone to stand up from your desk every hour. Walk in the corridor or climb the stairs if possible.
  2. When you are waiting for a bus or standing in the queue in the supermarket, move your body weight from one leg to the other.
  3. Train your abs when you are sitting at the desk. It is very easy! Suck your belly, hold for a few seconds and then relax your abdominal muscles.
  4. Nowadays we love to manage our life on a mobile phone. This is great, but once again, we spend a lot of time sitting! Instead of texting your friends, family or colleagues, arrange meetings with them. You will move more and socialize at the same time.
  5. Get off one stop before you have to get out of the bus or park your car further away and walk to work. When you go to the shopping centre, do not try to park the car as close to the door as possible. The more you walk, the more calories you burn.

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