7 rules to have a healthy and beautiful body

Here are seven basic rules that must be followed in order to enjoy a beautiful and, most importantly, healthy body:

1. Goal. Set yourself a goal and reach for it constantly.

2. Warm up. Before you begin your workout, take a 3-5 minute warm-up, such as fast walking, jogging or benches. After warming up, your body will be ready to work out properly, and training will become more efficient.

3. Company. Working out together with your friends is wonderful and much easier because you can always motivate each other to keep going. In addition, you will always have a healthy competition.

4. Consistency. Selected a program and work out according to it, 4-5 times a week. 1-2 days a week take a different kind of workout, for instance, is endurance or strength, especially if your main training is running, dancing or cycling classes.

5. Music. Music plays a very important role in sports. Several energetic melodies can be a great motivational tool to help keep your workout intensity.

6. Rest. Let your body rest and recuperate at least one day a week. Be sure to take a passive recreation.

7. Water. Drink sufficient amount of water. It will help you to burn fat. Avoid caffeine, if you can live without it.

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