Exercising 15 minutes each day extend your lifetime by 3 years

Just 15 minutes of exercising every day can extend your life by 3 years. This conclusion has been made ​​in Taiwan. Taiwanese scientists also claim that these figures apply for all people. The leader of the studies has claimed that men and women, old and young people, smokers and healthy one can prolong their lives by exercising daily.
Taiwanese scientists have observed 416 000 people in Taiwan for thirteen years. All people participating in the study described their health status and the level of physical activity. The experts concluded that exercising for 15 minutes is absolutely ideal for all people. In addition, according to them, this also helps to reduce the rate of cancer by 10 percent.
These conclusions have been made when ​​the researchers have studied recommendations of modern therapists. Doctors recommend exercising 30 minutes, five days a week. Lazy people follow these recommendations only for some time, and then the sport in general overlooked. Therefore, Taiwanese researchers decided to shorten this time to 15 minutes, and instead of 5 times per week, make it to 7 times per week.
According to them, this is the optimal duration of sports for all people. Those who do not like specific exercises can replace that by walking fast, jogging or swimming.

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