Improve your brain function

Today we get lots of information from variety of sources, such as TV, Internet, newspapers and so on. It is constantly being processes by our brain. However, not all information is useful and necessary for us, so it is very important to learn how to select what you really need to know. Information strain on the brain and eventually it may become difficult to remember what you really need to remember. Here are some tips how to properly filter the information of the day.

Unnecessary information leads us everywhere: starting from the radio news while you are driving, links of your friends shared on social networks, a bunch of articles that you read throughout the day, etc. maybe you should start concentrating on the things that really bring benefit for you. Try to select information that would be significant and broaden you knowledge only. For example, read things that are related to your carrier opportunities or science, also how to earn more money and so on. Be interested in what you really need to know.

Know what you are looking for. If you browse on the Internet, concentrate specifically on the information that you need to know and do not check articles that only have attracting titles.

Your email should not be checked too often. First read the messages that are really important and urgent. Delete all emails that are irrelevant straight away.

Specialists advise to have at least one hour just for you. At this time you should turn off your phone, all internet sites, including social networks. At this hour you should avoid receiving any information and just do nothing. Lie down or sit still. Let your brain to rest.

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