The main mistakes we make when we try to lose weight

Mistake 1. Incorrect chewing. One of the most important conditions of eating is chewing your food well. Scientists have confirmed that one bite should be chewed at least 20 times. Normally we chew only 10 times.

Mistake 2. Dehydration. If you want to lose weight, on average your should drink 2 liters of water every day. Drink it before your meal , not when you are eating. Whenever you feel hungry in between your meals , drink a glass of water . Water helps our body to remove fat , which also speeds up the metabolism.

Mistake 3. Irregular eating. A very popular mistake of those who want to lose weight is eating less often so that the body would  receive less calories. However , when eating irregularly (less than 3 times per day) , you can consume more calories at once than if you were eating normally. Recent studies have shown that women who have breakfast, find it easier to follow the diet and lose weight faster.

Mistake 4. Too large portions. Dieticians recommends using tricks to reduce portions:
Leave some bites in your plate.
Use small bowls and plates ,
Choose blue dishes as they suppress the appetite.

Mistake 5. Sauces and snacks. Do not add and mayonnaise, tomato sauce , potato chips or some other delicacies to your salad or other healthy foods.

Mistake 6. Not resting enough. If you have a lack of sleep , it reduces efficiency of any diet and slows your weight loss. Studies have shown that insulin and glucose levels are higher for those people who were on a diet, but slept through the day just 5-6 hours. Lack of sleep is directly related to the accumulation of fat in the body too. If you want to lose weight quickly, you should sleep at least 8-10 hours per day,

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