How not to harm yourself: what to do and what not to do when you have colds?

The common cold itself is not a dangerous disease, but if you do not take  necessary measures, ignore the symptoms or not treat everything properly, it can result in complications.The most important to know is not to ignore symptoms of colds.

What should you do first?

Common cold is the body’s signal that says – stop and take care of me. If you can, try to rest for three days: stay at home, lie in bed, drink plenty of fluids, and sweat. Do not forget to take medications to treat cold. After these three days, most likely, you will be able to go to work. However, taking three days to rest nowadays is a luxury and not everyone can afford it.

The question is how to recover without staying in bed? In this case, it is the best to go to the doctor and tell in detail what symptoms you suffer from: cough, sore throat, sore muscles, etc. Under these symptoms a doctor will choose the most appropriate medicine. A doctor should choose a number of different treatments for the common cold.

When you should not treat yourself on your own

Sometimes even lying in bed or tea drinking may not help. This is where the disease gets complicated. The first problem isa high temperature. If the temperature is higher than  38 degrees for long, the patient must go to the doctor. If a cup of tea and medications to treat cold do not improve or even worsen the situation, you should also see a doctor.

Cold is not so innocent thing, because viruses, breach many organs. It can lead to meningitis, pneumonia, and tonsillitis. So if in three days you do not improve, you should immediately go to the doctor.

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