Which products increase your appetite?

Good appetite becomes an enemy when you want to lose weight. We all know that the amount of food we eat is very important when it comes to getting rid of extra weight. Appetite can increase because of various health problems but food that we eat plays and important role too. In fact, there are certain foods that can increase your appetite.

Drinks. You have probably noticed that after some drinks you start feeling that you want to eat something. Coffee with cream and sugar, sweet black tea, juice and alcoholic beverages tend to increase your appetite. If you are on a diet replace these drinks with green tea, mineral water, black coffee without sugar or fresh grapefruit juice.

Soups. Soups also contribute to increasing appetite, because they help to prepare your stomach for more food. However, soups are useful for our bodies and help to digest better, so you shouldn’t refuse eating soup completely. Just choose vegetable soups that have less calories.

Spices. Spices increase appetite as well. You can persuade yourself by making a small experiment. Boil a few potatoes without salt and any spices. You will start feeling a sense of satiety only eating a few bites of it. Next time, boil potatoes with some spices and you will see that you will eat much more of it. so it is recommended not to overdo with spicing meals. If possible, don’t use spices at all or you it only for salad.

Sour products. Many people a wrong thinking that sour products reduce appetite. These products increase secretion of gastric juice which will eventually irritate your stomach and your appetite will be increased. So when you are on a diet, avoid eating pickles, green apple, lemons, etc.

Preservatives. You always have to remember about sodium glutamate. If your meals are flavored with it, you will not be able to control your appetite at all. And you will eat much more than you actually want to eat.


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