Foods that fight memory loss

The loss of memory and distraction is a phenomenon that is familiar to most of us. Unfortunately, many people don’t pay enough attention to this. In reality, memory loss may mean that something is wrong to your body or brain, so how to improve it and stay healthy?

Good memory diet should include various products. The main source of energy, as we all know, is carbohydrate rich food. They can be found in grains (especially oats and buckwheat) full grain pasta and potatoes. Fruits, berries and vegetables have less carbohydrates, but this does not mean that they are not necessary for your brain – peaches, bananas and pears can easily help to improve the memory. You should also don’t forget the honey – there is the largest concentration of natural carbohydrates.

You should also include proteins to your menu as well- they are needed to our nerve cells and responsible for the transmission of information. So, eat meat, eggs, cottage cheese, milk and fish three times a week at least. Note that human’s brain can’t go well without the fat which is also a great source of energy. So, in order to improve your memory you should start using fish oils because they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids necessary for normal brain functioning. Their lack leads to the degeneration of nerve cells.

Finally, to have a good memory, you should start exercising your brain: play chess, solve various crosswords or puzzles. While reading the book, try to imagine everything as if you were there, when watching TV, focus on that thing that you like the most, when eating – imagine the smell, taste, and so on.


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