The main rules to get a good sleep

Forget late dinner. Otherwise you risk not only your shape but also the quality of sleep. The point is that your stomach cannot rest if it has to digest. You should have your last meal at least two hours before sleep.

Give up coffee and cigarettes. Cigarette and a cup of coffee before bedtime raises blood pressure and makes the heart beat more densely. Like this it is very difficult to sleep well.

Limit the amount of fluid intake. An hour before sleep, try to drink less, that you do not overload your kidneys and do not get up at night.

Turn off all night and flashing devices. Even low light, flashing at the corner of the room can become a cause of insomnia.

Ventilate your bedroom. Before going to bed, open the window for about 15 minutes. If possible, leave it ventilating a little bit over night.

Change to comfortable clothing. Make sure you wear something that would not restrict your movements and that is made of natural materials.

Go to sleep, when you begin to feel sleepy. There is no need to delay, you can always read a book or watch a move the next day. If you listen to your body and not ignore its needs, you will be surprised how pleasant rest is waiting for you!

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