10 things that harm your brain

Nowadays almost all of us have mental work and our brain has to cope with huge work load. After all, we have to remember so many things every day, we have to learn how to use various devices and in general we are bombarded with massive amounts of information. So what you have to keep in mind if you want to maintain normal brain work?

1. Not eating breakfast. People, who don’t eat breakfast, reduce glucose level in their blood which leads to lower activity of brain.

2. Overeating. Especially if you eat too much fat food, your body accumulates bad cholesterol, which badly affects your blood vessels and brain blood vessels.

3. Smoking. When you smoke a cigarette, your brain is flooded with blood, so for a short period you feel increase of attentiveness. However, this lasts for only about 10 minutes. More and more studies show that smoking kills brain cells and it is considered to be a cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Extremely high amounts of sugar. It prevents your body to absorb useful substances.

5. Air pollution. Brain consumes oxygen that we get when we are breathing. Breathing polluted air leads to brain lacking oxygen and its activity slows down.

6. Lack of sleep. Long term lack of sleep causes brain cells death.

7. Drugs and alcohol. These bad habits lead to irreversible brain lesions.

8. Mental work while being ill. When we are ill, our body uses all resources to fight against illness. So there is no way your brain will be getting a normal amount of oxygen if you have some mental work to do.

9. Lack of stimulation. It is generally thought that children can learn things much easier. In fact, it is not really true. Children learn things easier because their brain is constantly stimulated. If you don’t have much mental activity when you are older, your brain will work worse. It is great if you solve crosswords, Sudoku, play chess and similar logic games.

10. Rare talking. Researches show that intelligent conversations, learning difficult words and using them in every day speech promote brain activity.


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