15 steps that will help you to quit smoking

If you started smoking recently and you are not yet badly addicted to cigarettes, you can quit this annoying habit quite easily. So how to do that and what difficulties you will have to overcome?

Science has confirmed the fact that trying to overcome addiction to nicotine slows our metabolism. So you can gain weight not only because you start snacking more in order to forget smoking. If you decided to quit smoking and you are afraid that you will gain weight, you really have to balance your diet and start exercising.

Once you are ready to do it, follow the steps below. Choose a calm time to quit smoking and at first just plan to quit smoking for one week. If it’s two hard for you to completely quit straight away, choose one step every day and add it to the previous one.

Write somewhere every time you smoke one cigarette.

Do not have any cigarettes at home. This will help you to quit the habit to smoke before going to bed or when you wake up in the morning.

If you really want to smoke, buy a package of cigarettes that you don’t really like.

Always say no if someone offers you a cigarette.

Never smoke with an empty stomach.

Never smoke when you are drinking coffee.

Do not smoke after eating.

Do not smoke when you are watching a TV. Try to convince yourself that you are in the cinema or somewhere where it is not allowed to smoke.

Never smoke in bed. If you do, always change your bedlinen after smoking. This will prevent you from smoking in bed next time.

Think of some treat that you can get if you don’t smoke for the entire day.

Do not smoke until 11 p.m.

If you are desperate to smoke, smoke just half of a cigarette.

When you light up a cigarette, think if you really want to continue smoking.

Do not smoke in the car.

Never smoke again.


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