3 foods to avoid fall depression

Oily fish
Studies have shown that people living in those countries where lots of fish is eaten, depression and suicide are less spread than in those countries where priority is given for the meat. This is due to omega-3 fatty acids, that are essential not only to the heart or blood vessels, but for the brain as well. Therefore, if you do not want to suffer from a gloomy mood, eat fish once a week at least. However, be aware that the useful fatty acids break down after being heated and additionally lose their impact. So, fried or boiled fish won’t give you the desired effect – won’t brighten the mood. Generally, herring is the best choice if you want to improve your mood. It is prepared without any heat treatment and it has lots of healthy fat.

This is an excellent source of vitamin C that helps for the brain to turn fatty acids found in animal fats into the happiness hormone serotonin. According to the amount of vitamin C, oranges are as good as lemons, but have much more B group vitamins. In addition, oranges are rich in pectin which improves digestion, stimulates the bowel, helps to remove the excess of cholesterol from the bidy, which results in sclerotic plaques. These plaques are found on the walls of human’s blood vessels, so they prevent the access of the oxygen promotion to tissues and the brain as well. If the brain receives too little of oxygen, human will additionally feel deterioration of work capacity or impaired memory.

Peas are the irreplaceable source of vitamin B. These vitamins balance our  nervous system, elevate mood and improve our sleep. Most of people avoid them because they have specific effect on human’s digestion and initiate gas. However, it is done unnecessarily. In order to avoid problems with your stomach after eating peas, soak them for half an hour. Then pour the water off and use another water for the dish you are going to do. This will help to avoid undesirable consequences.

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