3 myths about solariums

Spring is the most favourable time for tanning salons. These days many women and even men care about nice and dark skin. But did you know how dangerous this can be? Here are 3 myths about our beloved solariums.

Myth 1. Solarium tan has benefits.

Whether it is the sun or tanning lamps, they have UV rays which affect our skin negatively. Exterior changes will be seen only after 10-15 years. So if you are 25 now and you wish for chocolate tan, make sure to know that when you are 40 you will have a skin looking like 60, at bet 55 year old. If you go to solarium too often you are very likely to have skin pigmentation, your pores will become larger, the skin will get oilier and you may start getting viral infections.

Myth 2. Solarium tan is the safest

When talking about the risk of cancer, tanning lamps are indeed less harmful than the sun, especially in certain areas of the planet. However if we compared the intensity of UV rays, we could easily argue about it.

Myth 3. If you have oily skin, solarium is a must for you.

It is true that very low doses of UV rays dry acne. However, if you go to the tanning salon too often, your skin will become oilier, you immunity will weaken and the result may be the opposite. You may even get even worse acne. Besides, you should know that some cosmetic treatments of acne contain ingredients that are incompatible with UV rays.

Some more important information:

• In order to get a nice brown skin without getting your skin damaged, you should go to the solarium only 1-2 times per month. One session shouldn’t last longer than 5-7 minutes.

• You shouldn’t go to solarium if you are cold or you suffer from angina. If you had body peeling you should wait for at least 14 day before going to solarium.

• You shouldn’t go to solarium if your skin is prone to pigmentation, if you have abnormal thyroid function, if you are diagnosed with mastitis, myoma, polyps, also if you have many moles on your skin.


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